The Truths about Ski Fitness


With snow in resort everyone is now looking ahead to the winter season. Those freshly groomed piests, the powder days, the achy sore legs and ski fitness; I should really do some ski fitness before the winter. But what actually does ski fitness involve and how can I build it into my already full schedule.

Here are my top 6 tips to become ski fit without changing your normal routine:

1. When you walk down the stairs, pause for a second before you place your foot on the step below. This makes your quads have to work harder to control the position. Normally day-to-day we do not hold a position we walk, we stand, and we climb stairs. Pausing in a difficult position will test your muscles and balance to ensure they can meet the needs of skiing.

2. When you stand still, lift up one leg and try and maintain a conversation in this position. Swap legs and make sure you can do it on your weaker leg. A great balance exercise and the person you are talking to has no idea what you are doing. As this gets easier make bigger hand gestures, give them a hug or a pat on the back. Testing your balance and challenging it more then normal.

3. Exercise more. Easier said then done with the approach to Christmas. However, take the stairs, walk to meet your friend when you would normally take the bus, walk to the printer don’t ask your college to pass the paper. Offer to make the tea more often, you will be much more active without realizing. If you normally walk a lot, increase the pace. Aerobic training of your heart and muscles is important.


4. Squats. Skiing and squatting is a similar position. When you squat muscles work in their mid range, something that they don’t often have to do. Squat whilst brushing your teeth, combing your hair, waiting for the kettle to boil and whilst pouring the milk on your cereal.

5. Stretches. That word that you only ever tell your friends you have done but do not actually do. Here are a couple of easy ways. Sit on the end of the sofa or your bed. Let both legs bend and hang down, gently lye back until your back is flat. Hold this position for up to two minutes. A great quadriceps stretch. For the calves lye in bed with your legs straight. Put a dressing gown belt under your feet and pull your toes and forefoot towards you. Again hold for 2 minutes.

When you arrive to resort. Make sure your kit is correctly fitting and not broken. Visit Mountain Air Verbier for all your ski, boot and equipment problems. Think about booking a lesson. Have a lesson for your first day and they will iron out any faults with your technique and improve your confidence quickly. A great way to get set up for your holiday ahead. Contact European Snowsport to arrange this.

verbier-holidayTake it easy on your first day; remember you have a week of skiing ahead so you have plenty of time to ski everywhere. If you are tired after skiing a hot bath, sauna or hot tube is a great way to relax muscles that have worked hard during the day. Consider booking a massage to relieve aching muscles and allow you to ski optimally the next day. Contact us for more information.

Relax you’re on holiday!